Current Position (August 2011 – present):

Head of the Centre for Engineering and Design Education, Loughborough University

Previous Position (March 2002 – July 2011):
Learning Technology Co-ordinator, engCETL, Loughborough University
Development of; E-Learning, E-Assessment and E-Administration applications.  Project and line management.  Academic support, research, dissemination and advocacy of E-Learning.

A major part of my role is to ensure there are effective and efficient systems in place to assist in the delivery of quality teaching whilst saving staff time, support the progression of students and enhance the student experience.  I have designed and developed a multitude of ICT systems and the human processes around embedding them into working practices.  The process behind designing, developing and implementing such systems relies on talking with as many members of staff as possible, whatever their role, and gain an understanding of their needs and working methods along with the essential University requirements of such systems.  I have a great empathy for the conflicting demands placed upon many staff and the need for flexibility when developing functionality based on the variety of requirements from many disparate groups.

An example of the largest web based system I have developed and currently manage is the University wide application called ‘Co-Tutor’.  It is a PHP / MySQL system, used by over 1000 staff for managing and communicating with their personal tutees, project and placement activities and PGR students.  It originated in 1998 but I have undertaken significant development to it, with input from many staff across the University.  It has been highly commended in a recent external QAA report and also won a prestigious Leadership award at the International Global Learning Impact Conference in California (May 2010) where I was presented with the award.

I have a background in design and development as it applies to many areas from hands-on technology development, research and evaluation to the design, delivery and management of information and support systems for staff and students at Loughborough University and beyond.  I am an experienced IT project manager (using the Prince2 method) managing a large budget and a small team and also working with our partner institutions and organisations on several national level projects.  To date I have brought in ~£470k in external project funding to Loughborough University and gained two international project awards.

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