A Kit-Catalogue case study for the latest efficiency report to BIS

20 May

Making the Best Better – UK Research and Innovation, More efficient and effective for the global economy

A new sector report has just been published for the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS), Making The Best Better.  It has been produced by Sarah Jackson and contains contributions of effective practice from across the sector and we are extremely proud that Kit-Catalogue has been included as a detailed case study.

It reports on efficiencies in the research base and contains a number of strong case studies, which are already being used by colleagues within BIS as part of the evidence base to highlight the good practice across the sector.

Key highlights include:

  • The evidence collected for this report shows a strong, ten-year track record of institutions delivering both operational and productive efficiencies, which is improving research and teaching. This strong link between driving efficiencies and improving student experience and better research is increasing investment in skills, knowledge and human capital in the economy.
  • Capital budgets are being utilised more effectively, primarily through creating clusters of excellence and sharing equipment. This is delivering better kit, new science and better equipment and expertise for business.
  • The increased effectiveness of the system is delivering both greater outputs for science and research, and also greater impact in the global marketplace: generating new knowledge, leveraging private investment in R&D and increasing the quality of human capital in the economy.

Download the full report from here.


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