Kit-Catalogue Version 2 now released

24 Apr

We’re pleased to announce the release of Kit-Catalogue v2.0.1.  Thanks to all those that have contributed ideas and suggestions to this latest version, and to those that made the trip to our User Group meeting last week and made many more suggestions there.  We’ll be posting more information on the outcomes from that meeting soon.  You can download the new release here:

IF INSTALLING – Please setup your web server, unzip the software, and follow the installation wizard by browsing to http://<your-site>/install/

IF UPGRADING – The database needs upgrading in this version, and there are some other major changes, so please browse to http://<your-site>/install/  and follow the upgrade wizard carefully.  The wizard contains some detailed notes on how things have changed in the Kit-Catalogue, but the main things to watch out for are:

* MySQL Access : By default, Kit-Catalogue now uses the MySQLi PHP extension for database access, although you can revert to using the older and soon to be deprecated Mysql extension by changing your config.

* Organisational Tree Structure : Kit-Catalogue now supports a hierarchical organisational tree structure, where you can model your institution’s organisational units.  Your existing Organisation and Department entries will have been updated to this new format, but you may want to edit the tree and adapt it to your institution’s needs.  While you work on your tree, you can temporarily revert back to the old organisations and departments by changing your config.

The tree structure brings some added benefits and will be the basis for new features for the “departmental admin” roles, and longer term we’ll be removing the old organisations and departments, so please do make the switch to the tree structure when you can.

Other major improvements in this version include:

* New menu options available (disabled by default).
* New item editor roles, and finer controls on editing permissions.
* New inventory report builder.
* Improved import wizard – supports all fields, and can cope with missing columns, or in any order.
* Improvements to the public API.
* Support for adding a data licence to your catalogue.

There are new configuration options available for some of these additions, so please check  app/config.php  for any options you wish to add and/or override in your  local/local_config.php file.

You can read more in the  docs/changes.txt  file, or online at:

We’re working on updating the user manual and hope to have the new additions documented soon.


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