Version V1.1.1 of Kit-Catalogue System now released

14 Sep

A new release is now available, Kit-Catalogue v1.1.1.  It is available for download from the usual link.

If you’ve already installed v1.1.0, then you need only unzip the new download and overwrite your existing installation.  If you haven’t installed yet, or are yet to upgrade from v0.9.8 or below, please read the rest of the information in this email.

IF INSTALLING – Please setup your web server, unzip the software, and follow the installation wizard by browsing to http://<your-site>/install/

IF UPGRADING – The database needs upgrading in this version, so please browse to http://<your-site>/install/  and follow the upgrade wizard.

Major improvements in this version include:

• Improved the search results – hits in key fields (e.g. title, manufacturer, etc) are ranked higher than those in other fields (e.g. category or custodian name).
• Added a log of who updated what item, and when.
• Added new item fields.
• Added public API (disabled by default).
• Added new enquiry form options.

There are new configuration options available for some of these additions, so please check  app/config.php  for any options you wish to add and/or override in your  local/local_config.php file.

You can read more in the  docs/changes.txt  file, or online at:

Now v1.1.1 is released, we’ll be working on updating the user manual to take into account the new features.

As usual, thanks for all your feedback and suggestions, and a big thank you to everyone who contributed to our recent User Group meeting.  It was a very informative and productive day, and has really helped flesh out the roadmap of developments for the coming months.  For those who couldn’t make it, we’ll be circulating information from the event soon.


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