Benefits of Membership to SEFI

9 Jul

SEFI is the European Society for Engineering Education and Loughborough University is currently a member.  This means that staff at Loughborough can benefit the advantages of being a member of this organisation.  These include:

1. Access to Publications (including)

2. Information:

  • about initial and continuing engineering education
  • about publications in the field of engineering education
  • about European cooperation programmes such as DELTA, SCIENCE, EUREKA, TEMPUS, Lifelong Learning Programme, Framework Programme (Research)

3. Participation:

  • free access to the different SEFI working groups, the backbone of SEFI
  • in seminars, workshops and conferences at reduced prices
  • in projects.

SEFI members currently have reduced prices for many events including the following:


09  Responsible Conduct in Training and Practice for Scientists and Engineers: Twin International Meeting
14  21st Century Workshop: The Role of Industry-University and Accreditation
23  10th Latin American and Caribbean Conference for Engineering and Technology
26  PAEE’2012 – Project Approaches in Engineering Education


07  ABET – IDEAL 2012
20  IEEE International Conference on Teaching, Assessment, and Learning for Engineering 2012 (TALE 2012)
27  EADTU Anniversary Conference
29  7th European Conference on Gender Equality in Higher Education


03  Abenge – 60 th Brasilian Congress of Engineering Education – COBENGE 2012
11  24th Annual EAIE Conference
13  AECEF Association Symposium 2012 – 20th anniversary of the foundation of AECEF
14  EUGENE Final Event – Public Closing Conference
17  WFEO Executive Council and World Engineering Forum
18  EE2012 – International Conference on Innovation, Practice and Research in Engineering Education
23  SEFI Annual Conference 2012
26  SEFI – General Assembly
IGIP – International Conference on Engineering Pedagogy


05  FEANI – General Assembly
12  World Engineering Education Forum (WEEF) 2012
18  CESAER General Assembly
International Conference on Engineering & Business Education, Innovation and Entrepreneurship
29  5th Asia-Pacific Conference of Engineering and Technology Education (APCETE)

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