Version 1.0 of Kit-Catalogue now released

13 Jun

We’re pleased to announce the first full release of Kit-Catalogue.  You can download Kit-Catalogue v1.0.0 here:

IF INSTALLING – Please setup your web server, unzip the software, and follow the installation wizard by browsing to http://<your-site>/install/

IF UPGRADING – There are no database changes in this version, so those of you updating from v0.9.8 do not need to run the upgrade wizard.  However, this release does include a tidy-up of the code base, and the removal of many files that are no longer needed.  If you’d like a tidy installation, we’d advise deleting all the old application files before unzipping the new version, but please remember to leave your  local  and  writeable  folders in place!

Major improvements in this version include:

  • Improved the styling of the catalogue system, and included more support for custom restyling using your local CSS file.
  • Added an export to CSV option, so you can download all the item information your Kit-Catalogue installation contains.
  • Added custom field and homepage block administration functionality.
  • Added filtered browsing to aid users in finding the equipment they need.
  • Added an enquiry form to each item (enabled by default).
  • Added social network connectivity (disabled by default).

There are new configuration options available for some of these additions, so please check  app/config.php  for any options you wish to add and/or override in your  local/local_config.php file.

You can read more in the  docs/changes.txt  file, or online at:

There are still plenty more improvements and features we plan to add in the coming months, and we’ll soon be releasing our new Kit-Catalogue User Guide, which contains comprehensive information on Kit-Catalogue v1.0, its setup, and how it all works.  As soon as the user guide is available, we’ll announce it on the website and the mailing list.

In the meantime, thanks for supporting us on the road to v1.0.  Your continued engagement, feedback and suggestions have helped us build a better Kit-Catalogue system, and we hope to continue working with you all in the future.


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