Kit-Catalogue’s community of users is growing

27 Feb

I’m helping to promote Loughborough’s Kit-Catalogue system and have been a very busy advocate over the past few weeks.  Prof Thomson and I demoed the open source system at Nottingham University and I’m very pleased to say that we have been working closely with a number of staff there to get a version up and running in their Institution by the Spring.

Sharing information on research equipment is a very big issue in HEI’s in the UK at the moment and Loughborough’s Kit-Catalogue tool is gaining a great deal of interest.  We’ve had downloads by many HEI’s and have been talking with Southampton, Bath and Leeds on issues around the standardisation of information that describes equipment as well as using open standards to describe the data (e.g. CERIF), interoperable ways of sharing the data and classifications or taxonomies that best describe the category of equipment.

If your institution is interested trying out Kit-Cataloguing, the JISC has just announced that up to £15k is available under their ‘Transformations Programme‘  to help institutions move towards organisational change through the application of existing JISC and other resources (deadline is mid-April).  Please get in touch if you are interested in bidding to this fund and we can see if we can cost in some of our time to support you!


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