Successful summer

9 Sep

Tobi, James, Hanna and Ruth are coming to the end of their summer placement with us in the Centre, working on the JISC Kit-Catalogue Project.  During their 10 weeks with us, they have been incredibly productive!  Between them, they have managed to catalogue over 500 items of new equipment from all corners of the University.  Even items as big as our Wind Tunnel in the department of Automotive and Aeronautical Engineering!

placement students

James, Ruth, Hannah and Tobi

Here’s a photo of them posing at the Materials Research School poster competition event where they presented their work on Kit-Catalogue.

It has been incredibly important to have them working with us as their advocacy en masse to each department has really helped spread the word.  Although there have been a few instances of skepticism about the reasons for cataloguing equipment, and the culture of opening up information and access to bits of kit, attitudes are starting to change.  The top down requirement, from the PVC(R) and research office to get on board with the project in conjunction with the additional 4 pairs of hands from the students have helped to make a significant difference to the momentum of the project.

Prof Rachel Thomson has also been busy advocating the system to the EPSRC as well as our regional institutions.  The ‘soft release’ of the system is hoped to be made to a few interested parties in the week commencing 19th September, so that initial installation bugs can be ironed out.  We are aiming for a full release by the end of October to the community.


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