Student summer placements: a win-win situation

7 Jul

My colleague Paul and I have been busy recruiting some students to undertake a 10 week summer placement as part of the JISC Kit-Catalogue project.  The project has allowed us to fund one of these students but with such a great deal of interest from across campus, we’ve managed to secure the funds to employ another three.  We are very grateful to the Materials Research School, Systems Engineering and the School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences for their very kind offer to fund these additional placements.

This additional funding will allow us to add a considerable amount of equipment across the University as a whole, building on the ~800 items already in the catalogue.  As part of their work the students will also help to re-catagorise the existing equipment to promote sharing and public viewing of the information in the record.  They will also add to the content of each record to provide a richer experience for end-users, in particular things like instructional videos or ‘how-to’ cheat sheets (which particularly encourage use by undergraduate and postgraduate students whilst doing project work).

We hope that these students will get as much from the experience as we will.  I’ll encourage them to contribute to our project blog too, so that they can share their experiences on attitudes to the greening and sustainability aspects the Kit-Catalogue project.

Also this week, I was extremely pleased to see interest our mailing list from the LabRATS group (University of California Santa Barbara Laboratory Research and Technical Staff), who are interested in the sustainability of laboratories.  It would be great to take on board the experiences and expertise of the community through our mailing list, so we can create a system which can be used widely.  If you’re interested you can join our Kit-Catalogue mailing list here.



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