Discovery techniques: student experience mapping

27 May

We’re three months into the JISC Pedestal for Progression Project.  The discovery phase is well under way now and the team are busy gathering as much information as we can.  We’ve explored many process and techniques used in Service Design and chosen what we think is the most appropriate for use with staff and students.  Some of these techniques have included; customer journey mapping, ideation, scenario planning, flower of focus and problem/solution (more info on these techniques will be appearing on our website soon)!  Two ‘Ideasfest’ sessions have taken place this month with department and programme reps.  The results have been excellent and we’ve learned some valuable insights from the current finalists.  Here’s a photo which gives an example of what the students put together.

student journey mapping

Student journey maps and 'flower of focus' from the Ideasfest workshops

Staff experience is also very important to the project.  Additional information, which will feed into the discovery phase will include; interviews with administrators, technicians, programme directors etc.; from NSS survey results; minutes from staff/student committees within departments; and staff surveys from previous years.  Data we are interested in, for example, is to what extent does using technology have an effect on the perceived quality of the relationships built up by the student and the ‘university’ or tutor or staff in general and what is the balance of automation and human intervention that is required to maximise the perception of a ‘quality relationship’ whilst saving academic time in dealing with large numbers and disparate groups?

All the information collected during this phase will be embodied in a set of user stories, to help the project focus on particular area(s) where improvements to a service can be made.


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